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The Helpful Moving and Storage Guide

My name is Carson, and when I moved from a large house into a small apartment I needed a place to store some of my furniture. My friends recommended renting a storage unit and they helped me move my furniture out of the house and into storage. I was so grateful for their help because I had never moved or stored anything before and I was clueless. Because of their generosity, I've decided to pay it forward and writing this blog is a way that I can help many other people who face the task of moving and storing the contents of their household. I hope the information in this blog is of help to you as you prepare to go somewhere new.


Moving With Ease: Purging, Packing And Hiring A Moving Service

When it's time to move, this is a good time to take a careful look at what you own and decide what is no longer useful in your life. Going through your belongings and purging those items you no longer need will make it easier for you to pack up what is left. Once you have decided what to keep, methodically packing your home room by room will make unpacking easier. In addition, you should have all of the necessary supplies you need to pack correctly. When you want your move to be less stressful, hiring a moving service will make all the difference.

Throw Away, Keep and Donate Piles

It can be hard to throw away items, but moving is the time to start. You don't want to move a bunch of items that aren't going to be used in your next home. Throw away items that are broken and can't be repaired. Donate your old clothing that you haven't worn in years to a worthy charity. Separate the items in your home that you want to keep, making it easier for you to pack up your belongings.

Gather Together Your Packing Supplies

While you may want to get a bunch of free boxes from your local grocery store, it can make packing much easier when you purchase a bunch of boxes that are all the same size. Most moving companies offer packing supplies for sale. When your boxes are uniform, it's easier to stack boxes in various rooms of your home. You can systematically pack up a room, creating a uniform stack of boxes in the corner. In addition, you'll want some bubble wrap to protect your valuables, and enough tape to close all of the boxes. Make sure that you label each box with a permanent marker, and clearly identify what the contents are inside.

Finding a Moving Service

You can hire a moving service to do your packing for you, or you can do the packing and let the moving company bring your belongings to your new home. A reputable moving company will have insurance to protect your belongings in case of damage. They will have the tools and skills necessary to move your property from one home to another. While you may have depended on friends and family to help you move in the past, this is a much easier and less stressful way to move.