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The Helpful Moving and Storage Guide

My name is Carson, and when I moved from a large house into a small apartment I needed a place to store some of my furniture. My friends recommended renting a storage unit and they helped me move my furniture out of the house and into storage. I was so grateful for their help because I had never moved or stored anything before and I was clueless. Because of their generosity, I've decided to pay it forward and writing this blog is a way that I can help many other people who face the task of moving and storing the contents of their household. I hope the information in this blog is of help to you as you prepare to go somewhere new.


Purging Your Clutter and Unwanted Items Before Moving Your Household

Moving your household from one place to another is always a stressful time. Even if you are only moving across town, packing up all of your stuff and successfully moving it from your current house to the next involves a lot of steps and physical work. However, the weeks leading up to your move date give you a fantastic opportunity to finally deal with all of the clutter and extra items you have acquired over the years. If you are struggling with where to start working on this project, here are a few suggestions to get you started: 

Sell Any Furniture You Don't Want to Move to Your New Home

Since furniture items are some of the bulkiest and heaviest items to move, you can free up a lot of space and save money on your move by selling any furniture you don't want or need in your new home. As an added bonus, you will make a bit of money that can be used to help pay for your move or to replace the furniture items with something more appropriate for your new home. If you have some furniture that has seen a better day, you can place it on your front lawn with a "free" sign. In most areas of the country, by the end of the day, the items will be gone. 

Purge Your Kitchen of Unused Gadgets and Donate or Sell Them

Before you pack up your kitchen and move it all to your new home, first take all of your gadgets and specialty items and place them on your kitchen counter. Ask yourself if you use each item, if you really love it, and if it will be used in your new kitchen. If you answer "no" to any of these basic questions, then donate or sell the gadget. Ultimately, specialty kitchen gadgets are nice to have, but they are seldom used and take up a lot of space.

Sell or Donate Clothing and Shoes You No Longer Use 

Finally, if you are like most people, your home's closets and dressers are likely bulging with unused clothing items and shoes. To tackle this problem once and for all, place every item you own on your bed or living room floor. Pull out only those items you have worn in the last year or that you absolutely love. Donate the rest of the items at a local thrift store or sell them to a local consignment store.

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